Our Capstone presentation happening in less than three weeks! 

Counting Down!

Wendy and I will be traveling to Monterey, California on May 19th, to present Vuedeu on the campus of California State University Monterey Bay.  This is the culmination of two years of work on our capstone project.

The on Campus capstone festival is usually reserved for primarily “on-campus” students.  Wendy and I are part of the distant learning program.  Typically, our capstone is done in an online only format.  However, after lots of discussions between the two of us and Dr. Eric Tao (head of the online program), we decided that we wanted to participate in the on-campus festival in addition to the online version.

The opportunity to present to a live, in-person audience is something we did not want to pass up.  Not only does this give us an added experience, but another opportunity to get our exciting project in front of people to gauge their reactions and allow us to learn from them.

We are very excited and are feverishly working on our presentation materials.

If you are in the area stop by to check it out.

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