As part of the Computer Science program at California State University Monterey Bay, students are required to complete a Capstone project. This project is designed to be the culmination of all the knowledge students gain through out their time in the program. Although the time given to complete this project was relatively short, Brian took it upon himself to use this project as an opportunity to build something meaningful and ambitious. Vuedeu was born out of the idea that their should be a better way for parents to be able to manage their child’s smart device usage in an intelligent and comprehensive way. Starting almost day one of the program, Brian got to work researching, conceptualizing and designing Vuedeu. After about a year into the program, he quickly realized that more help would be needed to help make it a success. He tapped Wendy Gray, with whom he had worked with on multiple projects in the past and who was eager to get on board. Putting in almost two full years of personal education and time learning Android, Vuedeu’s first production iteration will go into closed beta soon!