We see Vuedeu not as a “Big Brother” tool, but rather as a way for parents to teach their kids how to manage themselves in our “online world” as well as make sure that they can develop social skills that will enable their future success. Too often as parents we drop a smart device in their hands and just expect them to understand how, when, what to do with them. Unfortunately, the reality is that kids learn to tune out the world and live their lives through the little screen in their hands. Having a tool like VueDeu can give parents peace of mind knowing what their kids are doing before they can potentially do things that can have life long consequences.

As for VueDeu itself, we have plans to include exciting and useful features that will blend seamlessly into our users everyday lives. Our first iteration will be Android only, but will extend to Apple and Windows products. We will also build a web portal so parents have multiple sources of management.

In the long term we see remote management that can extend well beyond the consumer space. Keep checking back to watch our progress.